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For whom ‘Good Enough’ isn’t.

Working with me

I bring original thinking and a proven, targeted approach.

These are founded on over 30 years of experience and my well-proven methodologies that I have developed through my leadership and working with me communication advisory Robertson Burns.

When working with me one to one, and with teams or small groups from the same organisation, in person or virtually, I adjust my approach to meet each assignment’s particular needs and objectives.

a. Circumstance driven, ad hoc in person or virtual sessions as required

b. Up to 40 x 15’ weekly virtual sessions over 9-12 months

c. Minimum of 4 x 60’, 90’ or 120’ sessions in person or virtual over 3 months or longer.

In person sessions can occur either in your workplace, home or at Glenmore House, an historic, private property nestled in the hills about one hour’s drive south-west of central Sydney.

Leadership is both science and art. Success starts at the top: leadership quality – that’s about disposition, not position – has the greatest impact on organisational performance.

The world needs more True Leaders. Leaders who can influence, inspire and make a worthwhile impact. Yet, across the board, we see too many so-called leaders who disappoint and let us down. Everywhere people are craving more meaning, greater connection and better leadership in almost every aspect of their lives.

I have experienced leadership up close all my life. and I have worked with good and bad leaders and also understand the difference. In this session, I will set you on the path to becoming a truly successful leader by bringing the core qualities to life.

True leaders inform and provide insight. They influence and They inspire. They impact. To achieve this, also you need to be certain of consistently playing at the top of your game, especially when the stakes are high and the pressure’s on.

Communication is a leader’s most vital trait. Despite technology, face to face communication remains the most compelling form of human interaction. Because This means engaging others in the manner and voice of a true leader every time. And by giving them an experience they welcome and want more of.

Even the most seasoned among us struggle to get their listeners’ attention 100%. By helping you master the communication process, and show how to engage audiences, large and small, naturally and effectively.

Like each of us, people choose the people they want to do business with. Besides It’s about forming relationships founded on mutual trust, respect and purpose.

People buy people. Your brand is who you are. in addition Your reputation is what you’re known for. Both are critical to stakeholder sentiment. They’re how others judge, buy in and choose you. however Perceptions are real. If you’re to win, grow your career and make your mark, they must be accurate and favourable.

Having supported over 360 competitive business pitches and helped numerous executives be appointed to their next role, and I know what it takes to win. In this session, whether you’re looking to pitch an idea, your business or just yourself, you will learn the fundamentals for success soon.